Development Policy

“Mega İnsurance” OJSC, one of the main participants of the Azerbaijani insurance market, is constantly contributing to the development of the Azerbaijani insurance market and the main priority of development policy of company  is to develop the insurance market.

In order to achieve the goals and development of the insurance market, “Mega İnsurance” OJSC should provide its activity based on the following:

  • To implement its activities on the principles of transparency, fairness and honesty;
  • To follow the requirements set by the legislation;
  • To fulfill its obligations to the public authorities and to pay taxes and other compulsory payments in the manner, period and amount determined by the legislation;
  • To carry out measures to combat money laundering, terrorism financing and anti-corruption measures;
  • To protect ethical standards, business conduct rules and company reputation;
  • To justify yourself as a reliable partner by providing customers with affordable conditions, as well as quality insurance services and products;
  • To act as a consulting partner before clients with recommendations on risk management and improvement of existing insurance coverage;
  • To offer customers accessible insurance services by expanding the branch and representative network;
  • To continually improve and perfect customer satisfaction and satisfaction measurement;
  • To ensure full protection of customer data, confidentiality and data considered as insurance secret;
  • To improve financial performance of company, control over revenue and expenditure and ensure the efficient use of funds;
  • To form a sufficient reserve fund to meet commitments before customers;
  • To ensure financial statements of company to comply with both domestic legislation and International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • To ensure that a professional team and a healthy working environment exist;
  • To conduct regular trainings and trainings to create a career development environment for employees, ensure their work safety, and increase their knowledge and skills;

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