CASCO Insurance

By acquiring Comprehensive Motor Insurance you receive compensation from Mega Insurance for material damage to your motor vehicle and also protection of your interests in case of theft of your vehicle. 

The following covers are available to include into the policy.

Comprehensive motor insurance

This insurance covers the following risks:

Road Traffic Accident
Falling or Thrown object
Hijacking, Robbery, Theft 
Malicious damage by third parties 
Fire and Explosion
Animal movements
Natural disasters

Drivers and Passengers Personal Accident Insurance 

The coverage against possible death or bodily injury arising out of the usage of motor vehicle to the driver and/or passengers within the limit of liability indicated in the insurance policy.

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance 

The coverage against possible damage to the life, health and/or property of third parties arising out of usage of motor vehicle within the limit of liability indicated in the insurance contract.

Payments in respect of accidents under this type of insurance are made in excess of the limits under the Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance of Azerbaijan Republic.

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