Aviation Insurance

Mega Insurance OJSC provides Specialist aviation insurance services for the full spectrum of aviation risk.

The aviation insurance policy can cover the followings:

Hull All Risks

The operator is protected against risk of physical loss or damage to their aircraft while on the ground and while it is in flight.

Aircraft Liability

Bodily injury or property damage which is caused by an occurrence and arises out of the operation or use of the operators aircraft.

Hull War Risks 

This affords cover against acts of war and malicious damage that are typically excluded in an ‘all risks’ programme.

Passenger liability insurance

Passenger liability protects passengers riding in the accident aircraft who are injured or killed. Coverage is often sold on a "per-seat" basis, with a specified limit for each passenger seat. 

Premises, Products and Hangarkeepers’ Liability

This cover is designed for operations with responsibility for maintenance and storage of third party aircraft. This can include refueling exposures if required.

Who are potential buyers of Aviation Insurance Policy?

The coverage is relevant for private owners, corporate aircraft operators, charter aircraft operators and helicopter operators.

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