Yield Crop Insurance

Agricultural production faces a myriad of risks. The major one is production risks resulting from uncertainty about the levels of production that primary producers can achieve from their current activities.

Agricultural Insurance is a valuable business risk management tool that provides farmers with financial protection against production losses caused by natural perils, such as hail, flood, fire, drought and others.

"Mega Insurance" OJSC provides Indemnity base agriculture insurance product that determine claim payment based on the actual loss incurred by the policy holder.

  • Max. Indemnity amount:

    • Per field – AZN 2,000,000
    • Per region – AZN 10,000,000

  • Exclusions:

    • War, terrorism, strike, riot, civil commotions;
    • Losses arising out of diseases and insects;
    • Losses arising out of chemicals and fertilizers;
    • Losses arising out of problems in electric, water and gas supply;
    • Losses arising out of defects in heating/ cooling system of hothouse;
    • Losses happened after harvesting.


Insurance period varies depends on type of agriculture to be insured. 

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