Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance is one of the most important elements of the social package presented by the Company to its employees. This insurance indemnifies damage to life and health of employee resulting from accident, thereby protecting his financial welfare.
Our lives are uncertain and there is always a risk of accidents that can happen any time and significantly affect the quality of life that we enjoy. It is extremely difficult to pay the bills and look after the family if a person is badly injured in an accident, especially the one resulting in permanent disablement. Personal Accident Insurance can be a perfect solution to help Companies and employees be ready for such risks, which often come with financial burdens. 

 “Mega Insurance” OJSC offers its Clients to build a tailor made insurance policy depending on their own needs and preferences. The coverage is selected from the following extensive list of benefits:

  • Standard Benefits

    • Death of insured person resulting from personal accident;
    • Total permanent disability resulting from personal accident.

  • Optional Benefits

    • Partial permanent disability resulting from personal accident;
    • Total temporary disability resulting from personal accident;
    • Partial temporary disability resulting from personal accident;
    • Medical expenses (arising from personal accident).


Basis of Sum Insured 
Personal Accident insurance is a benefit policy, which means that there is no exact guidelines on amount of sum insured an Insured Person can effect. Generally, the practice is that the sum insured is derived at one to three times of the annual salary of the Insured Person. 

How much is insurance premium
The premium may vary and depends on several factors such as coverage amount, the occupation of the Insured Person, risks insured and etc.

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