“Mega Insurance” OJSC attaches great importance to reinsurance as one of the key components of financial sustainability. Despite being invisible to individuals and corporations buying insurance from insurance companies, reinsurance operations have direct impact on them when it comes to the settlement of claims. For this reason it is important to understand the role of reinsurance for each party of insurance contract.

What is reinsurance?

To put it simple - reinsurance is an insurance for insurance company. If Insurers retain all insured risks no matter the size, they will have an exposure to a potentially costly event, which can cause the company to go bankrupt. In order to avoid such situations, in much the same way that individuals and corporations buy insurance to protect their business, insurance companies also purchase insurance to ensure that claims made by these individuals and corporations are met in the best way.

Why reinsurance is important for businesses to be aware of?

Reinsurers, the sellers of this 2nd degree insurance, accept risks from insurers that are too large for them to bear on their own and in this way enable insurers to get more business.

High degree of capitalization, technical knowledge and skills enable Reinsurers to supply the Insurers with the services they are looking for, such extra capacity, professional advice, claims management, innovation and etc.

  • Together with other main operations, reinsurance is also in the core of “Mega Insurance” OJSC, since it allows us to:

    • Spread the risk;
    • Increase capacity;
    • Increase accepted business;
    • Improve stability in underwriting performance;
    • Provide security;
    • Increase confidence;
    • Improve portfolio and asset management;
    • Get advantages in cash flow and reservation.

Reinsurance partners

The list of our partners is very extensive and almost completely consists of Reinsurers with financial strength level of A and above by international rating agencies (Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best and etc.).
  • The list of the partners includes, but is not limited to:

    • Lloyd’s,
    • Munich Re,
    • Swiss Re,
    • Hannover Re,
    • Chubb,
    • AIG,
    • Allianz,
    • Zurich,
    • Assicurazioni Generali SpA,
    • QBE Insurance Group,
    • Sirius International Group ,
    • and many others.

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